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Chub, also known as the humpback chub, can be found mostly in the U.S. state Colorado, in a few of the rivers. The humpback chub is rare to find, and isn't usually considered a sports fish, because they are hard to find and there aren't very many. It is said that they once inhabited the lower parts of Colorado, but now cannot be found down there.

Chub Fishing in Lebanon Missouri

Chub Fishing from Riverfront Campground & Canoe Rental - Lebanon MO

Riverfront Campground & Canoe Rental

Freshwater Fishing: Bowfishing Fly Fishing Lake Fishing River Fishing Trophy Fishing Pond Fishing Hatchery Fishing Bass Fishing Blue Gill Fishing Bullhead Fishing Carp Fishing Catfish Fishing Chub Fishing Crappie Fishing Gar Fishing Hogsucker Fishing Perch Fishing Redhorse Fishing Shad Fishing Sucker Fishing Sunfish Fishing Trout Fishing Walleye Fishing Rainbow Trout Fishing

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Chub Fishing in Juneau Alaska

Chub Fishing from Spruce Meadow RV Park - Juneau AK

Spruce Meadow RV Park

Freshwater Fishing: Fly Fishing Lake Fishing River Fishing Hatchery Fishing Chinook Salmon Fishing Chub Fishing Coho Salmon Fishing Halibut Fishing Salmon Fishing Steelhead Trout Fishing Trout Fishing King Salmon Fishing Silver Salmon Fishing Pink Salmon Fishing Rainbow Trout Fishing Sockeye Salmon Fishing Chum Salmon Fishing Dolly Varden Trout Fishing

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